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Mike is a sniper who, together with his friend Tommy (Tom Cullen), is on a ridge in a swarming that takes place in a dusty area and wait for their target to come into his line of fire. A convoy appears on the horizon and is greeted by a group of people that awaits. Through radio, Mike learns that their target is the last car in the convoy, but the color is a wrong and Mike reluctant to shoot.The situation is further complicated when Mike and Tommy realizes that group before them was gathered to celebrate a wedding … you shoot Mike father of the bride on her wedding day without even have convinced 100% that is a bad man? He hesitated long enough overall situation turned into chaos, and Mike and Tommy are forced to walk for hours to the nearest village. On their way, however, the biggest problem occurs when both stepped on by a mine buried in the sand.Since then the situation becomes dramatic two as if his foot on those mines they will explode and will kill them. Mike desperate call for help and informed that they will come to him out of trouble, but it will happen … 72 hours! During this time he must stay as still to not detonate mine Mike tries to find solutions to withstand up aid will arrive.


Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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