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You Be, an island-deity created all life and was reworked into an island. Be you his coronary heart, a small stone and inexperienced, was stolen semi-god Maui to attempt to domesticate his energy. But the demon of lava, Te Ka attacked him and made him lose coronary heart within the depths of the ocean with hook its magic. A millennium later, Moana Waialiki daughter of a prince and successor of the tribe on a small island referred to as Polynesian Motunui go for a short time in possession of that stone when he was child and acquire shells.

Her father, Captain Tui, insists that the island is one that gives every part they should survive and reside fortunately, however when fish are disappearing, coconuts start to spoil and vegetation of the island begins dry, Moana proposes to transcend the reef to catch fish. Tui angrily rejects the concept as a result of navigating the ocean past the reef is strictly prohibited.

His mom tells Tui Moana fears that the ocean as a result of he misplaced a buddy after they tried to transcend the reef a number of years in the past. However, his grandmother encourages her to go Moana journey of his life and to foster a extra exhibits him a secret cave hidden behind a waterfall. Her grandmother offers his coronary heart You Be and reveals that darkness unleashed the theft of Maui started to devour island, so Moana want to search out it on Maui and pressure him to return his coronary heart You Pay to defeat the darkness .


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