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Monster Trucks

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It’s a film very complex, honestly I have not met film to have so many genres, I met one about five genres if I’m not mistaken so this is among the films with most genres namely: Action, Animation, Adventure, Comedy, family and not least SF. You may wonder as I have not seen the movie can contain these film but the idea is that I do know that does not lack anything.
Has Rate pretty weak on IMDB (5.5) and this may because it’s principle, the more it is easier the more beautiful and appreciated in terms of distribution intamlnim numerous actors as they are and genres: Thomas Lennon Rob Lowe, Lucas Till, Jane Levy, Danny Glover, Barry Pepper.
Tripp tells the story of seeking at all costs to get rid of his town where he was born and the life he has created there. He reached to build a machine, a monster-truck from simple parts, basically the remains of other cars. But his adventure begins when you accidentally remove a creature out of the underground, he releases the mysterious creature of speed and passion However due to an event at a station that deals with oil exploration. Young Tripp befriends the mysterious creature who brings beneficial to escape the city where he had spent some quite important in life.


Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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