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Ron Perlman performs a CIA agent who are suffering from submit-traumatic stress after Vietnam had a foul expertise in (the illness makes him to have hallucinations of lifeless individuals in numerous phases of decay). For some purpose unknown, this tormented soul known as by the US authorities to search out nice director Stanley Kubrick in England to supply a big sum of money to supply a mission fictional per thirty days in case the actual will fail, and Neil Armstrong won’t actually make that “big leap for mankind.”

Rupert Grint who tried to get out of his function in “Harry Potter” and to relaunch his profession as an grownup, performs an incapable supervisor of a rock band in flip passing via a troublesome interval. Unfortunately, he owes a big sum of cash to a mobster tough it invested in his musical journey that turned out to be, till now, one bankrupt.

Through a collection of occasions and confusion of id, Grint faux to be Kubrick’s agent and allegedly roommate nice director. Mobster quickly discovers what has staged agent and about beneficial properties that may make it from the settlement with agent and attempt to recoup the injury. He subsequently FBI agent realizes he has been duped by the younger agent and begins a complete chaos from which all tumbled out considerably.


Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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