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Nine Lives

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Tom Brand (Kevin Spacey) is a leading businessman in New York whose attitude very dedicated on labor ruined his first marriage and caused a rift strong between him and his son teen David (Robbie Amell), who now works for him and longs to obtain approval. He now lives with the second wife, Lara (Jennifer Garner), who is more tolerant of the idea that it is a lot left home. He also has a daughter named Rebecca (Malina Weissman).

His company is about to get the biggest achievement so far – the tallest building in the northern hemisphere which will serve as headquarters. The 11th anniversary of her daughter is fast approaching and this has always wanted to have a cat, but Tom avoided to fulfill this wish him a lot because he hates cats.

However, not wanting to disappoint his daughter and was in a hurry to get a gift on the last hundred meters, GPS routes the Tom at a pet store mysteriously known as Purr-kins in which a lot of cats strange exotic. The eccentric owner named Felix Perkins (Christopher Walken) tells her that he will choose the cat but the cat will choose him. After leaving there, he is involved in an accident that sends the body in hospital in a coma, but his conscience remains captive cat’s body. Felix, who somehow is able to speak, comes and tells him that if he does not repair errors in a week will remain forever trapped in the cat’s body.

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