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Norm of the North

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New York City is the destination bear hamster Norm and three who are very good friends. They decide to leave behind their homeland and embark on a journey to a distant city, a trip that will not soon forget and will be full of adventures. Norm bear grandfather led in the past and Arctic bear a special skill inherited from him, namely the power to Vori people. MR. GREENE becomes his opponent Norm because it is a very rich person with millions of dollars in accounts. It owns a company that promotes luxury home and sends its director, Vera Arctic to film a video in about this topic. SOCRATES is mentor and walk the bear to go on a rescue mission to the Arctic. Norm did not hesitate and go along with his loyal friends leaving the family behind. Once in Manhattan residents believe there is a masked person becomes a celebrity and usrul through its dances. Olympia is the cousin Vera and offers to create a plan together which resulted in colonization of Arctic Green millionaire to be stopped. Animation dishes presented is one that contains many dance that exudes energy and pleasant music that perfectly poriveste these types of scenes.


Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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