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The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

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Surly is now adored in his community and is currently supervising a store. This worries Andie, she prefers a more active life. Despite Surly’s reassurance that everything is all right, the peanut shop is accidentally thrown by Mole when it forgets to stop the pressure from your stomach. Andie takes the opportunity to bring the animals back to their original lifestyle. Lost, he and Buddy decide to return to life in the park.
Meanwhile, Major Percival J. Muldoon enjoys the wealth he has acquired as a result of locations he has built throughout the city. However, he notes that Liberty Park never produces money, so he decides to turn him into Liberia Land to make more money. During a press conference, Surly and Andie learn about the Mayor’s plan and Surly convinces the rest of the animals to fight back, what they do.
Even if their plan is successful, Surly’s joy is short-lived because Andi tries to persuade the animals to work hard for their food. When one of the laborers tells the mayor about animal attacks, Muldoon calls an extermination team headed by Gunther to get rid of them. Surly gets caught in one of Gunther’s traps when looking for food and the animals are followed by Frankie. Surly and Buddy are going to save Precious while Andie and then Bruisers find a new place to shelter.

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