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On the Milky Road

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In a Bosnian war, Kosta (Emir Kusturica), a dairy and a fool, supplies milk from a farm sponsored by Milena, a dentist who takes care of her grandmother for the soldiers on the battle front and risks her lives in a war seems endless. Milena wants a bride for her son and hears about a beautiful woman who has attracted the attention of a British general who was able to kill her own wife just to be with her.
But he dismissed the general when he found out what he was able to do and testified against him. Milena and her friends are trying to find the bride (Monica Bellucci), and when they find her she helps her illegally take her out of a refugee camp where she is present and get her to live on their farm until Milena’s brother returns , Zaga, out of war. However, the unexpected happens when Kosta and the bride fall in love with each other.
With the end of the war, Kosta agrees to be co-opted in a double wedding where he will marry Milena and Zaga with the mysterious bride, but during the festivities the two are almost kissing and are surprised by Zaga. Before the weddings happen, a spy informs the British about where the bride is hiding. The British are rushing over the village and breaking up there to reclaim the bride.

Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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