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Gregori is a group chief who elevate youngsters to grow to be chilly-blooded assassins and undertake a boy named Alexander after he sees his mom, Susanna, doesn’t have any companion together with her to the hospital. eleven years in May târzium Alexander is a number one killer missions satisfied that it receives from Gregori with different kids in the identical state of affairs as him. Gregori tells youngsters that the world is stuffed with horrible individuals and subsequently should execute these assassinations.

Also Gregori teaches youngsters to cease their ears with earplugs when finishing up their missions as a result of the photographs don’t damage them fragile eardrums. Leo’s good friend Alexander is essential of after a staged assassination. Gregori sends Alexander and one other lady on a mission the place you have to kill a mechanic. Alexander sees his mom crying when giving beginning to a brand new child.

Later, he goes to purchase meals for meat, and the vendor is behaving very good to him and providing him chocolate. Leo begins to query his authority and rise up escalates Gregori when he sees a rooster being reduce. He compares the hen with a tyrannosaur rex, fearing her disappearance. Also, Alexander and he begins to doubt all the things that has been discovered till now. Susanna gave beginning to a boy whom he baptized Tobias. The battle between the 2 youngsters and their neighborhood chief is nowhere near being extinguished and Gregori sees its place threatened.

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