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Seth is a shy man who works at the Animal Control Department. He developed an obsession with Holly, a waitress who saw her once on the bus writing in her diary. Seth guard Nate asks for advice, and he tells her to trust him, and address. Seth investigating his online profiles to learn about her and invite her to dinner, but his attempts to get weird and Holly refuses to leave him. Home, Holly tells the story of her friend Claire. The next day at work, Holly receives a large bouquet of roses and, thinking they are a way to apologize from her former boyfriend who cheated on her, she goes to the bar where he works. Seth, who followed her, take questions and their quarrel turned into a physical confrontation when he rejected the girl and her refusal is getting no better. Eric them to the rescue and Seth beat him, but he still manages to steal Holly’s diary. He spends the next few days reading the girl’s diary and learn all about it, every detail that you put down on paper. Afterwards, she finds a hidden room at the animal shelter, he builds a steel cage and go after that kidnaps Holly in her own home and holds captive. Seth tells Holly that he loves her and he took her to a “save” and he does not want to do evil.


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