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Maynard Grieger is a store owner in the Pottersville victorian town that is going through a very difficult time since the Pottersville mill was dismantled. Returning home earlier in the job to surprise his wife, Connie, but the surprise falls into his habit when he discovers it with Jack, the sheriff of the city. Connie claims she needs more enthusiasm in her life and that she would like to spend some time away from Maynard.Maynard takes a couple of drinks on board and then returns on three paths to his shop, and after telling the story of his casino, the two dressed in a gorilla costume and walked around the city, dreaming at them all local people. The following morning, Maynard wakes up and discovers that the world has misidentified him as the legendary Bigfoot character!Intending to confess that everything is just an error and that Bigfoot was gorilla, Maynard realizes that there is still a tremendous economic potential in tourism if the story of Bigfoot perpetuates, so he renounces the idea of ​​confessing the truth and chooses to continue to dress. As the bloom continues to grow around the legendary Bigfoot, the town is visited by Brock Masterson, the host of a monster hunting TV show. Although Brock claims to be trying to look for evidence of Bigfoot’s existence, he is skeptical.


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