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Sahara 2017

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During a sand blast there are some resting travelers resting with their camels. There, the Ajar-snake and Pit-scorpion manage to steal a melon from a camel basket. After the storm, the two protagonists try to enjoy the stolen melon, but it is stolen by a much bigger cobra. Later, the two travel among the sand dunes where the snakes gather to shelter the burning sun. Ajar is teased because he is young and small, he still fails to change his adult skin. At the edge of the desert, Ajar proposes to flee to Oasis, but Pitt notes that it belongs only to the Green Serpents. There, they happen to give Eve, a Green Green Snake trying to leave the Oasis, but it is caught by one of the Secrets Birds that keep it. Pitt uses this as a new argument not to go to Oasis, but Arjar is not left intimidated. Eve is rendered to her father who reproves her because she always wants to leave there, a place she’s obviously hating. Later, Eva sits beside a muddy puddle where he draws various forms with a tail. Meanwhile, Ajar is painting green and sneaking into the Oasis despite Pitt’s protests. Once it enters, it does not take long until the secretary warns that they are intruders. They think they’ve been discovered and separated, and Ajar finds an unknown brown snake that happens to Eve Disguised as Dusty and asks her help to escape.

Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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