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Sand Castle

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Since the beginning of the 2003 Iraq War, soldier Matt Ocre (Nicholas Hoult) has produced a wound himself by hand to be sent back home. He joined the army in 2001 to raise money for college. Shortly thereafter, he wears some bandages at his hand and proves that his attempt was an unsuccessful one. The bandages are taken out just in time to be sent to Baghdad. During the battle, Ocre notices a sniper, and Major Staff Sergeant Harper (Logan Marshall-Green) calls a helicopter bombing the building where the sniper is. After some time from this incident, Ocre’s unit is designated to repair a defective water system in a dangerous village called Baqubah. They arrive at the village and meet with the Special Forces Unit headed by Captain Syverson (Henry Cavill). Syverson presents these to the translator and explains that he has to go to the pumping station and fill up a water tank to bring it to the villagers every day. At the station, the military engineers working on the pump explain that the repairs will last for several weeks, but these repairs could happen much faster if Harper is able to recruit some villagers to help. Back in the village, they inform the locals that they will pay anyone who wants to work from the following morning. But before the morning’s departure time, no one comes to go to work.


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