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In a supermarket called Shopwell’s, food and other commodities there revere human clients it sees as gods who will go “beyond” when purchased. Among the food there is also a sausage named Frank who dreams to live with his girlfriend sausage, Brenda, Beyond the Sea World where they can finally consume relationship. Frank lives in a package with two very good friends named Barry and Carl, who in turn want to get to the Underworld.

Packages containing the Frank and Brenda are chosen by a customer to leave the supermarket, but their joy is interrupted by a mustard that was returned and tells the two that world that they think there before the suicide, mustard tells Frank to visit a liquor bottle named Firewater which is said would know about the Great underworld, and he can tell the truth. His death creates a collision resulting in accidental fall from cart Frank, Brenda and several other foods.

Food with the rest escaped, Frank tries to verify if the warning was a mustard-based and head for liquor. While the rest of the meet with a taco lesbian named Teresa, who has a passion to Brenda, Frank reaches Firewater and he tells her about how foods purchased are eaten by people, and the story of the Great Underworld was invented foods store not knowing about the tragic fate that will have.

Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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