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Anthony Mackie performs a person named Tahir Nigerian nationality who’re in America and keep there even supposing her residence visa has expired. Jennifer Connelly, alternatively, performs a heroin addict named Hannah who got here to the streets due to this defect. She reached even when the try to take days, however its try is stopped by Tahir and because of this their first assembly after a interval wherein he watched her intently when she noticed that bears his jacket that It had been stolen.

Both roam the streets of Manhattan in any respect welcoming or dream. Although they’ve nice difficulties, they go on residing day after day. Tahir earn some pennies on the street singing to a drum craft whereas Hannah want to cease by busy intersections in hand with a poster that claims “I was one as soon as.” With Tahir’s manners and goodness of his wins his belief Hannah, quickly turning into a staff.

The two spend extra time collectively and ultimately come to like one another and their relationship progresses quite a bit while you come throughout an opulent home whose tenants occur to be happening vacation and left the door unlocked. They took the chance to pamper themselves for a number of moments we might need to stay once more and attempt to see how it’s to be human once more, having fun with small indulgences that we contemplate trivial.

Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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