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Shimmer Lake

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Andy Sikes looks clean in the basement while his wife, Martha, talks to his brother, Sheriff Zeke Sikes. When his little daughter, Sally, comes to him in the basement, Andy puts her in silence and asks him to promise not to tell anyone he’s there. Suspicious, Zeke is going to investigate, but Andy runs away and steals his neighbor’s car. Zeke, who was shot during a robbery at a bank where Andy was involved, takes his partner, Reed Ethington, and meets with FBI agents Kyle Walker and Kurt Biltmore.
They are investigating the house of Judge Brad Dawkins whom I find dead. After a controversy with the FBI agents about how to conduct the investigation, Zeke comes out of office. Meanwhile, Andy enters a forest to meet Steph Burton, the wife of one of his accomplices, Ed Burton. He puts stolen money from the bank in her car, but when they are ready to go things things unexpectedly degenerate.
Zeke and the other police officers go to drug addict Chris Morrow to ask him questions, suspecting him to be the thief’s driver. Zeke later confesses that Andy, a former prosecutor, has always been blasphemous about being corrupted, especially after a very controversial case where he fell into a deal that everyone blames. Zeke continues his investigation and reaches Ed’s wife who tries to escape in a less ordinary way.

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