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Shot Caller

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The film shows how Jacob, a man with a normal life, family, workplace, friends and good material situation, goes into jail because of a moment of inattention.
After entering the prison, the magical part begins, because that’s why the movie is good. It shows us how a normal man has to adapt to the environment he belongs to.
After entering jail, she first learns what she sees as having to prove she is not a “sheep,” after which she realizes that if she wants to survive she has to enter a clan to give her protection and notoriety to other clans. He manages to survive and to have a high rank in the clan. Eventually he leads the show.The beautiful part of this film is not just survival, but also acceptance of the situation, change of character and coordinated thinking. I swear, Brawl in Cell Block 99 is a joke to kids about this movie. This movie shows some maturity and a good script versus 99. I do not know how they think the crit is the best 99.In short, the movie tells you that once you entered the clan, stay in the clan; even after you have gone out, you have to activate for the clan. The clan is your family. Another thing the film says is that even if you are released, your life can not be the same as yours before you go to prison. The pussy, the environment and that kind of organization change you, change your thinking completely. You went into prison and you created a habit of that way of living, because after all you got home and if you got your chia accommodated if you were trying to get back your old life after you got out, it’s impossible.


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