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In a world of anthropomorphic animals, a koala named Buster Moon owns a theater because the industry had an interest in show business as a small child when his father took him to first musical. Having some financial problems, he says to his friend Eddie Noodleman it will organize a music competition and offer a prize sum of one thousand dollars. But Buster’s assistant, Mrs Crawley, mistakenly put two zeros in the tail prize and promotional posters show prize sum of 100 thousand dollars.

As a result, the animals’ the whole town gathers to support auditions. Among those selected are housewife and mother of 25 pigs, Rosita; a street musician named Mike mouse; son of a gorilla named Johnny and pop-rocker hedgehog named Ash. Meena shy elephants destroy their chances because the theme of the stage, while Ash’s boyfriend, Lance, is eliminated from the competition.

Rosita is being teamed with another pig named Gunter for a dance number. Although Buster discovered the mistake of advertising posters and is aware that he has no where to draw such a sum to pay a winner, he remains optimistic and continues with the show. Buster convinces Eddie to arrange a visit to his grandmother, a former opera singer and actress named Nana Noodleman to convince her to help him with sponsorship. She hesitated at first to get involved, but eventually agrees to see a private screening of the show.


Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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