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Hong Kong detective named Bennie Chan (Jackie Chan) adopted him on the well-known mob boss often called Matador whereas a decade, is satisfied that this nickname hides Victor Wong (Winston Chao). When his daughter yung, the late accomplice of Bennie Samantha (Fan Bingbing) fall into some hassle with the union mob of Wong, he must discover a criminal American named Connor Watts (Johnny Konxville) maketh century by Chinese casinos after being denied entry into the US.

However, Connor is kidnapped by the Russian mafia to punish him as a result of I cheated daughter. Bennie venturing additional right into a race towards time to recuperate it Connor in Russia and brings him again to Hong Kong. Since witnessed a homicide in Hong Kong, Connor is afraid to return there and reluctant to accompany Bennie and steals his passport which supplies fireplace then.

The pair atypical is obliged to take a detour and go right into a harmful journey that takes them via the snowy mountains of Mongolia, after which by the dunes and scorching solar of the Gobi desert and the entire time each gangsters Russian and the Chinese are on their path. Arriving lastly in China, Connor Bennie offers proof that would result in the arrest of Wong, however sadly for them the plan doesn’t work fairly as they might have favored.


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