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SPL 3: Paradox

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When police chief Lee Chung-chi (Louis Koo) is informed of the sudden disappearance of his 16-year-old daughter, Lee Wing-chi (Hanna Chan), while she was on a trip to Pattaya, he decides to go to Thailand to look for it and understand what has happened to her. There, Lee receives help from a Chinese detective named Chui Kit (Wu Yue) and his Thai colleague Tak (Tony Jaa).
Moreover, he meets with American gangster Sacha (Chris Collins). The clues they find on the disappearance of Lee’s face lead to a case involving the Bangkok mayor who is in poor health and urgently needs a heart transplant. Lee also suspects Cheng Hon-or (Gordon Lam), assistant candidate, to have worked and set up a plan with Sacha to kidnap his daughter.
While suffering for the loss of her beloved daughter she may never find, Lee kidnapped the corrupt police officer Ban (Ken Lo) to force him to give him information and get deeper cases of that case. As a consequence of his actions, Lee becomes a national criminal pursuer. In search of revenge, Lee can only ask for help from Chui to assist him in trying to find out what his daughter has done.

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