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Star Trek Beyond

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Three years have elapsed because the 5-12 months voyage on the united statesEnterprise carried out. They arrive at Yorktown Space Station to refuel. Sensing that his powers have gotten extra monotonous captain James Kirk has utilized for the place of Vice Admiral of Yorktown and plans to advertise on Spock as the brand new captain of the Enterprise. Meanwhile, Hikaru Sulu meets together with her husband and daughter, Spock and Nyota Uhura ends his pleasant relationship and Scotty are working to maintain the ship operational.

Also, Spock will get phrase from the New Vulcan Ambassador Spock that, his older model of the unique time, died. Trying to save lots of a ship adrift, Enterprise is caught in an ambush from which emerges severely broken. Commander extraterrestrials Krall, embarking on the ship alongside together with his deputy, Manas, and troopers-drone that lead them. They are in search of an alien artifact known as Kirk as Abronath which it was obtained in a latest mission.

They destroy all ship and the crew of Kirk runs in rescue capsules. On the floor, Sulu, Uhura and the opposite crew members are trapped by Krall. Kirk and navigator Pavel Chekov, accompanied by Kalari discovers the crashed wreckage. To attempt to escape Krall and his troopers, Kirk prompts the thrusters nonetheless purposeful. Meanwhile, an injured Spock and Dr. Leonard McCoy, begin in search of different survivors. Spock tells McCoy Ambassador dying and that he intends to go away Starfleet to proceed its work on New Vulcan.


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