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Cornerstore is a spot identified for “delivering” infants and staff are storks, and different birds. The present Director of Cornerstore, a stork named Hunter needs to retrain and as a substitute of delivering infants considers most worthwhile firm within the postal service transformation. However, the final child who was produced earlier than stopping exercise is retained within the firm and is given the identify of Tulip. 18 years later, Tulip working to advertise new concepts Cornerstore, however at all times fails.

Meanwhile, Junior’s greatest-stork within the firm is making ready to advertise your dream of Directors of the corporate when Hunter is about to grow to be President. In order to be promoted, Hunter asks Junior was a fireplace on Tulip within the firm due to poor efficiency and losses that brought about them firm. Even if it actually desires to advertise, Junior has no soul was a fireplace on Tulip as a result of it has good coronary heart and works exhausting, so strive it a trick by sending her room mailbox, telling him it is a promotion.

Meanwhile, on Earth, a boy named Nate Gardner feels lonely as a result of his dad and mom are too busy to spend time with the companies he so longs to have just a little brother. When mother and father inform him that this can by no means occur once more after which find out about Cornerstore, he wrote a letter asking them a bit of brother. Tulip someway get the letter which was anticipated bored and ignores the requirement Junior’s not go there, she will get by accident create a little bit lady who baptizes Diamond Destiny.

Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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