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Suicide Squad

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After the loss of life of Superman, intelligence agent Amanda Waller types an elite workforce composed of probably the most harmful criminals in detention: mentally disturbed Harley Quinn, elite murderer Deadshot, former gangster El Diablo, the thief opportunistic Captain Boomerang, monstrous Cannibal Killer Croc and Spliknot mercenary. They Belle Reve Penitentiary are taken out and put to work below the command of Colonel Rick Flag. Each of them planted a small bomb within the throat and doesn’t obey or attempt to flee, it will likely be detonated.

One of the individuals Waller needed to recruit his girlfriend Flag, Dr. June Moone, an archaeologist who was possessed by an evil deity after reaching an archaeological object cursed. The deity is called the “Enchantress” and revolts in opposition to humanity being dedicated to destroying that imprisoned her for therefore lengthy. It invades the town of Midway with a horde of monsters and invokes its brother, Incubus, to assist her to meet the plan.

Waller then ship suicide mission staff to recuperate an vital topic and tells them to Flag destroys the Enchantress must be eliminated coronary heart. Before he left, they be part of their Katana who wields a mystical sword and acts as bodyguard for Flag. His beloved Harley, Joker, is about her scenario and tortured one in every of his males Waller to drive it to the situation the place they designed these nano-bombs and blackmailing one of many scientists concerned in this system to them defuse the bomb’s Harley.


Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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