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Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

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Nowadays, Dick Grayson (now now Nightwing) is destroying the Titans to destroy a terrorist cult that is headed by Brother Blood and plans to capture the team to absorb the powers of each member with the help of a machine he tested Jericho (whom his assistant, Mother Mayhem, shot him immediately after). Blood hires Deathstroke mercenary to catch the titans and bring them to him. Deathstroke accepts the mission not only for the money they receive but also for revenge on Damian Wayne. Deathstroke monitors Titani through a double agent, Terra, which he infiltrated into his team a year ago. He rescued her after her parents had done so that they turned their entire village against her and tortured her. When Damian begins to become suspicious of the behavior of the Earth and asks her to see if her suspicions are confirmed, he is captured by Terra and Deathstroke. Terra is cold and distant from the other Titans, even though they receive it with their arms open and have a friendly attitude to it, but with the passage of time, it can also thaw. During the night of celebrating her first year with Titans, she has a tender moment with Beast Boy whom she kisses. The next day, Deathstroke kidnaps some team members. Dick is also attacked by Deathstroke, but manages to escape in a first phase staging his own death.


Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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