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The Assignment

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Frank Kitchen (Michelle Rodriguez) is a terrible assassin who always executes its targets on time and without problems, but his misfortune occurs when he meets Dr. Rachel Kay (Sigourney Weaver), a brilliant surgeon, but with many problems attic has just lost his license to practice medicine because of several experiments that we did not have approval. Frank kills the brother of Dr. Kay and it seeks to avenge her own demented way …It combines revenge with his experiments you make in changing people’s appearance. It falls to terms with influential gangster named Honest John Hartunian (Anthony LaPaglia) to catch it Frank and give him her hand. Frank is brought to the doctor and the laboratory had made a sex change operation. Dr. Kay is convinced that thanks to this operation will disappear his desire to kill Frank.However, although the operation is successful, Frank not only does not disappear no desire to kill the contrary. When he learns that there is nothing you can do to regain man, Frank devises an elaborate plan to take revenge on everyone who was involved in its transformation from gangster Honest John, continuing with its people and of course and finally to the very Dr. Kay. Frank receives aid from Johnnie’s mission (Caitlin Gerard), a nurse with whom he had an affair the night before to be transformed into a woman.


Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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