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The Bad Batch

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A young woman named Arlen is tattooed and thrown inside a fenced area outside of Texas. A sign warns that this property is not considered part of the United States of America, and American law does not apply there in any way. Not too long, and Arlen is the victim of the attack of two men driving a golf cart. When Arlen wakes up, she realizes she’s been tied up and kidnapped by cannibals. ¬†Arlen manages to find the resources needed to get rid of the cannibal clutches, but she does not get out of it, losing her hand and foot. She is then found in the desert by a strange man who takes her and takes her to a city called “Comfort” where she is groomed and is given a foot prosthesis. Five months later, an Arlene healed for the most part, heads to the desert where she sees a cart similar to the one that was run by cannibals when she was kidnapped. She finds a mother and a daughter looking for something that could help them. realizing that these are also cannibals, Arlen shoots her mother. She takes the little girl and returns to town. Arlen is later found by Miami Man, the father of the child she’s taken. When he comes and tells him he wants to take his baby back, he threatens her to kill her if she does not lead him to the town where the little girl is. On the way, the two get together, though, and he confesses that he was thrown into this territory without law because he was caught without papers in Cuba.


Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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