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Sophie, an orphan lady, lives in an orphanage in London. Late one night, she wakes up and appears out the window the place he sees an enormous wanting previous. A big captures and takes her to the Land of Giants. There he tells Sophie that should stay with him for the remainder of his life as he noticed it and should not expose the existence of giants. He describes himself as “Big Friendly Giant (BFG, for brief).

That evening, his BFG induce a nightmare wherein she is proven attempting to flee, however is eaten by a large greater than him. When Sophie wakes up and realizes that the BFG-induced nightmare, he says it isn’t protected for her to attempt to escape as a result of the remaining giants which can be a lot larger than him, feed on people. At that point, the chief giants devouring individuals, often known as Fleshlumpeater, enters the home of BFG.

BFG defined then that he captures goals. He places Sophie in a tree home and begin engaged on his goals. Sophie convinces the BFG then take her to the Land of Dreams. The downside is that you just first must move Fleshlumpeater and different giants devouring individuals Bloodbottler, Bonecruncher, Gizzardgulper, Manhugger, Childchewer, Meatdripper, Maidmasher and Butcher Boy, who’re asleep. They unintentionally wake giants devouring folks, they usually resolve to harass the BFG and play a sport with him. Sophie narrowly escapes the evil giants, however unintentionally drops his blanket.


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