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Hope bronze medalist gymnast Annabelle Greggory (Melissa Rauch) lived from his movie star in her hometown Amherst, Ohio, even when comparatively trivial now lead a life away from the game that made her well-known. When her former coach Pavleck (Christine Abrahamsen) commits suicide, she receives a letter that claims that when you can assist greatest pupil’s Pavleck to succeed in the Olympics in Toronto, will obtain the sum of 500 000 dollars.

The younger gymnast is a really gifted lady named Maggie Townsend (Lu Haley Richardson), however Hope has blended emotions. On the one hand, and wish to seize this wealth, however alternatively, doesn’t need Maggie to outperform and thus to overshadow success. Maggie then attempt to plot a plan to obtain that quantity, however on the identical time, a sabotage Maggie order to not outperform.

At first, it creates a weight-reduction plan reverse of the way it ought to look one for an athlete, and her efficiency is so poor that conceited gold medalist on the Olympics, Lance Tucker (Sebastian Stan), which bears Hope for movie star grudge loved even if he has a medal much less helpful than his, threatening to take his place as coach of Maggie. Having realized that if you don’t proceed with Maggie and are available in need of reaching the Olympics will lose cash, Hope has no alternative however to do all the pieces to carry Maggie sport in the most effective form doable.

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