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The Brothers Grimsby

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Nobby Butcher (Sacha Baron Cohen) was separated from his brother Sebastian (Mark Strong) time of 28 years. During this era, Nobby turned an alcoholic and was married to Dawn (Rebel Wilson), with whom he made eleven youngsters and lives in a small city named Grimsby poverty. Sebastian, however, has turn into one of the necessary brokers of MI6 and is on a mission with Jodie (Isla Fisher), and their objective is to to guard a philanthropist named Rhonda George (Penélope Cruz) .

The two discover that Rhonda, member of the Syndicate Malestrop, will manage a ball to boost funds for a non-governmental group coping with medical analysis. Sebastian goes on the ball and sees an murderer, later proved to be Paul Lukashenko (Scott Adkins), which preăteşte to assassinate Rhonda utilizing a weapon disguised as a video digicam.

When Sebastian is making ready to annihilate the murderer, Nobby sees him and take him in his arms, making his brother to overlook the goal and kill a boy. The two brothers then fleeing authorities and the hit that begin instantly on their heels. Once you get to a secure place, Sebastian asks Nobby to go to be hiding. Unwilling to lose and brother, Nobby goes residence with Sebastian. Meanwhile, MI6 believes that Sebastian took one other barricade, so I despatched an murderer named Chilcott (Sam Hazeldine) to remove it.


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