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The Circle

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Eamon Bailey (Tom Hanks) is the founder of an octopus-like giant company that has stretched its tentacles in every corner of people’s everyday life. Mae Holland (Emma Watson) is committed to this company based in Bay Area and has an impressive campus. Mae is chosen by Eamon and his right-hand co-founder, Tom Stenton (Patton Oswalt), to take part in an experiment to glorify a new revolutionary surveillance camera they invented.
These tiny chambers can be hidden anywhere, and Mae will wear those rooms on it, install them in various locations in her own apartment and any other significant place in her life, embracing the idea of ​​”total transparency” she cultivates and promotes her boss. “Transparency” and “integration” are two words that are almost obsessively spoken by Eamon and others like him who are interested in gaining access to all people’s data in order to be able to monitor their lives, sell new products or resell that information to third parties.
But with so much oversight and so little privacy, no wonder that paranoia is slowly starting to happen at every step, and things get out of control quickly. Mae finds himself in a dangerous situation where intimacy no longer exists, supervision is at every step, and anything he does can be interpreted and turned against it. She soon realizes that her decisions and actions can even determine the future of humanity.

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