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The Eyes of My Mother

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Francisca and her mother live on a farm where they grow cows and other animals to survive. A very talented surgeon doctor, Francisca’s mother teaches her how to take the animals out of the farm and tells him about the legend of Francis of Assisi. Charlie, an ambulance seller, appears and asks them to let them use their bath. Although the judgment tells him that he should not allow him to enter their house, Francis mother will let him in.
The decision turns out to be totally uninspired, because the man kills Francis Mother. In turn, Charlie is also injured in the confrontation and is supposed to have been hurt by the father of Francesca who gets home while the aggressor is in full swing to kill the woman. Father Francisca seems not to be disturbed by the events and binds Charlie to the barn.
Francisca and her father bury their mother in the garden. Charlie explains that killing other people gives him a special pleasure. Francisca in turn tells Charlie that the reason she has not yet been killed is that he is her only friend and that she will take care of him … but with the passing of time she starts to torture Charlie using medical knowledge learned from her mother. Many years later, she meets a Japanese boy named Kimiko at a bar and is friends with him, but soon things start to degenerate.

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