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The Florida Project

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A six-year-old child lives with her mother in Magic Castle – a motel in Kissimmee, Florida, near Walt Disney World. She spends all her summer days without being supervised in any way by a few friends who are housed in that hotel, Scooty and Dicky, engaging together in a way as lousy and idiot at the expense of tourists, stealing not behaving at all honorable. They invite in their group and Jancey, a young girl who lives in nearby Hotel Futureland, to come together to play together. After a more unpleasant incident than usual, Dicky’s father forbids him from seeing the group of children from now on, and then his whole family moves to New Orleans, which upset them all, starting with Dicky and ending with his friends. Bobby, the manager at Magic Castle, is the one who protects the children from harming them. Halley, struggling hard to pay rent, sells perfume to hotel guests in the parking lot, and asks Scotie’s mum, Ashley, to steal food for them from the restaurant where they work. However, Ashley breaks ties when he discovers that Moonee, Scooty and Jancey accidentally fired an abandoned condominium. Halley begins to offer her services as a prostitute, closing Moonnee in the bathroom when he has clients satisfied.


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