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The Girl with All the Gifts

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Within the close to future, mankind has been devastated by a mysterious sickness. These contaminated are disadvantaged of free will and became zombies in quest of some uncooked meat, often called “the hungry”. Mankind’s solely hope is the small group of youngsters who’re additionally avid hybrid of uncooked meat, however nonetheless have the capability to suppose or really feel. Kids go to a college positioned in a army base the place they’re subjected to experiments led by Dr. Caroline Caldwell (Glenn Shut).

Kids are handled like human beings, to the dismay of Sergeant Eddie Parks (Paddy Considine), even when all are stored immobilized in wheelchairs. Helen Justin (Gemma Arterton) is answerable for educating kids and finding out. Helen treats kids with equity and attaches particularly an distinctive woman named Melanie (Senna Nanu) as a result of it has a genius IQ and making a particular bond. After Melanie learn a narrative written by her a few woman who saves a girl from the clutches of a monster, Helen is overwhelmed by feelings, being clear that the story is impressed by emotions in the direction of her face.

Sergeant Parks bursts over her and violently eliminated Helen; He spit on his hand and holds it beneath the nostril of one of many kids, declaşând response violent and animalistic his half that spreads then amongst all the opposite kids, besides Melanie striving to abstain due to the love he has Helen to her. Dr. Caldwell looking for a treatment for this illness, making exerimente kids.


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