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In Korea beneath the occupation of Japan, a criminal who operates beneath the false title of Conte Fujiwara decides to rent a younger thief pockets named Sook-hee, who comes from a household of crooks to take her to a mysterious lady very wealthy, Lady Hideko, and make use of it there as a housekeeper. Fujiwara plans to take a spouse of a Lady after which hospitalized in a psychological asylum and he stays with all its wealth.

Sook-hee, taking the surname of Tamako, get on the property of Hideko is managed with an iron fist by authoritarian Uncle Kouzuki, a collector of vintage eroticism. Kouzuki a Hideko forces to stage its assortment of erotic works that they then promote score aristocrats. Hideko’s aunt was the one who used to stage works earlier than it, nevertheless it has come to commit suicide to flee her husband’s abuse.

Without his information Sook-hee, Hideko and Fujiwara planning to flee to Russia and steal her id, internĂ¢nd her in a nursing residence as a substitute of Hideko to have the ability to escape Kouzuki. Finally, Hideko and Sook-Hee grow to be nearer and start to have doubts about mutual deceptions. The two start to expertise sexual acts collectively and get to fall in love. Sook-Hee forestall a suicide try by Hideko, then confides concerning the plans he had made with Fujiwara. The two girls then started to conspire collectively towards Fujiwara and attempt to run away collectively.

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