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The Hippopotamus

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Edward “Ted” Wallace (Roger Allam) is a writer and former poet who has reached the bottom of his life and career. Since he has not been able to write a poem since 1987, he remains stuck in writing reviews for small plays and drinking alcohol. After a dispute over poor play in a play leaves him out of the spotlight, Ted goes to Jane’s finery that gives him huge sums to investigate some miracles happening on his family’s property. One of these miracles is the apparent healing of Leukemia. At the villa owned by his former boyfriend, Lord Michael Logan, Ted meets his 16-year-old finch named David, who has a special fascination with nature and sex. The brother of David, Simon, a friend of Michael with some problems named Oliver and Valerie Richmond, a rich French woman who wants to buy a horse from them, is also in the villa. Over the next few days, Ted knows the rest of the villagers, discovering conflicts between his abrasive attitude and the outspoken optimism of those around him, and David talks to Ted about his interests and his ambitions to become a poet. One day, the horse Valerie wants to buy for her daughter gets sick from a strange cause. While Michael and the rest are desperate that the horse may need to be euthanized, Ted finds from various people that the miracles they should investigate are done by David.


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