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The Institute

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We are in Baltimore, late 19th century, and Isabel Porter (Allie Gallerani), destroyed by the recent death of his parents, decides to be hospitalized in the Institute Rosewood, a feature that promises to not be as intense psychic, but more than a trip to the spa. Moreover, it is said to be a haven ge fashionable women of the time but Rosenwood hides a terrible secret that Isabel is to discover and live on her own skin. Apparently, doctors at Rosewood patients were brainwashed and have controlled at will, sometimes lobotomizându them and turning them into sex slaves for local elites. As Isabel discovers more and more hidden and disturbing things that happen in this institute, the film develops into a violent version of orgies in which men with face masks abusing patients undergoing high-dose drugs. The film is a new attempt by James Franco directing the film, this time he is helped by Pamela Romanowsky and writers are Adam and Matt Rager Rager. Among the main actors find big names of cinema, but whose careers are over for a while, like Pamela Anderson or Eric Roberts. James Franco has kept for himself as Dr. Cairn. Also, the distribution is completed by another well-known name in Hollywood, Josh Duhamel, who plays a detective in charge of investigating this institute.


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