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The Party

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Janet, a politician in the opposition party, has just been named Health Minister and organizes a party at her home to celebrate her appointment. The guests are friends April, who comes with her German partner Gottfried, Martha and her partner Jinny, and her colleague and subordinate Marianne with her husband Tom. Before the party starts or the guests arrive, Janet’s husband Bill sits comfortably on his chair, listening to music and drinking wine.
Finally, almost all of the guests arrive, except for Marianne whom Tom says will come a little later. Tom is very nervous and immediately closes in the bathroom where he pulls some cocaine, examines a weapon he bought earlier, and encourages himself in the mirror. During the party, Janet exchanges a series of text messages and phone calls with her secret lover.
After April, ridiculing and insulting Gottfried, he holds a toast in honor of Janet, Martha and Jinny announces that the latter is pregnant with triplets, all boys. This announcement is immediately followed by Bill’s announcement that his doctor has just been informed that he is terminally ill. Gottfried tells him that modern medicine is not trustworthy and could have a healing chance if it follows the spiritual path. Bill, who is a convinced and acknowledged atheist, seems to temper his beliefs and listen to the advice Gottfried has for him.

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