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The Pirates of Somalia

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Based on a novel written by Jay Bahadur, the film begins with Jay (Evan Peters), a young journalist who dreams of making a name for himself in this profession. He goes along with his younger brother to a local bar where they are caught by the blizzard and due to unfavorable circumstances, he arrives at the hospital where he meets an old man who finds himself surprised to be the legendary Canadian journalist, Seymour Tobin Pacino).
The two start a conversation from which Jay does not get much, the old man advising him to choose another way in life. Eventually, Jay continues to follow his dream and tries to hit with a Pirates report in Somalia. Arriving in this country, Jay meets the president of the country from which he seeks to obtain a series of information to help him in his report. Jay’s aspirations often turn him back in the past, a past that is dead and buried.
His attempt to shed light on a world in total darkness hits many obstacles, including the public’s lamentation of such stories. Jay is guided in his tour through Somalia by local Abdi (Barkhad Abdi), who advises him not to accept the offer received from CBS News for images of hostages captured on a Somali ship.

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