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The Promise

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Mikael (Oscar Isaac) is a pharmacist who lives in the small Armenian town of Sirun, located in the southern part of the Ottoman Empire. In order to be able to pay all the expenses he has to pay at the medical school, he promises himself the daughter of a very influential man in the neighborhood, receiving in return 400 gold as a dowry. This allows him to travel to Constantinople and attend the courses of the Imperial Medicine Academy. There, he married Emre, the son of a high-ranking Turkish official. Through his rich uncle, Mikael also meets Ana (Charlotte Le Bon), a beautiful American woman raised in Paris who has a love relationship with the American reporter of the Associated Press news agency Chris Myers Christian Bale). It does not take too long, and Mikael finds himself under Anna’s nets, and at the same time international tensions are beginning to increase greatly, giving birth to World War I. Mikael manages for the moment to avoid enlisting in the Ottoman army with the help of Emre and because he is a medical student. But when he tries to save his uncle from imprisonment, he is also detained and sent to a labor camp. He escapes from that camp and returns to his village, but discovers there that the Turks returned with great violence against the Armenian brothers. His parents, especially his mother, convince him to marry the woman she was promised and to take refuge with her in an isolated cottage in the mountains.

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