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The Ridiculous S

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In the period of the Wild West, a quiet man named Tommy Stockburn (Adam Sandler) was raised by Indians and nicknamed “White Knife” because of its means to deal with knives. He is to marry an Indian lady named Fox Smoking (Julia Jones). Tommy stumbles upon a gang of bandits led by Patch Will (Will Forte) that manages to trick them, and so does a restaurant proprietor who hates Indians, Clem (Zahn).

Indian’s village, a financial institution robber named Frank Stockburn (Nick Nolte) comes and claims to be the organic father of Tommy. Tommy explains to Frank that his mom was shot by a person when he was a toddler and taking him to highschool. In flip, Frank tells Tommy that endure from a terminal sickness and doesn’t have a lot time to dwell. The subsequent day, a bunch of bandits which might be associated to Frank arrives within the village. The group is led by brutal Cicero (Danny Trejo), and he needs Frank to provide him again what he owes.

When Frank refused, bandits kidnap him and inform Tommy that if he desires to evaluate the daddy to deliver the sum of fifty thousand dollars to redeem it. Tommy embarks on a mission to recuperate his father rediscovered and believes that one of the simplest ways to boost the mandatory quantity is a steal. During this mission, he discovers that Tommy has 5 stepbrothers, who ten weirdest. All 5 joins Tommy and the workforce fashioned “The Six ridiculous!”

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