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The Shack

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Mackenzie “Mack” Phillips (Sam Worthington) suffered physical and emotional abuse when he was a child because of his drunk father. He has witnessed similar abuses to his mother. When he was only 13, Mack tried to poison his father with strychnine. As a mature man, he has a pleasant life with his wife, Nan (Radha Mitchell), with whom he has three children: Kate (Megan Charpentier), Josh (Gage Munroe) and Missy (Amelie Eve). Mack’s life is destroyed when Missy’s little daughter disappears without a trace while traveling with the tent where he manages to save Kate and Josh’s life in a canoe incident. Police arrive at the conclusion that Missy fell prey to a serial killer after finding her torn and bloodied dress in an abandoned cabin. Kate blames herself for Missy’s death because her unfortunate behavior has led to the canine incident. This tragedy distracts Mack very much and makes him doubt his whole life and faith until he receives an unsigned letter in the mailbox. The message is signed only with the “Pope” (which was Missy’s name) and urges Mack to go to the cottage to meet. Believing there might be a chance to meet the serial killer and catch him or even kill him, Mack goes to the place and finds the cottage in ruin. Frustrated and angry, Mack is about to commit suicide.


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