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Rebecca (Olivia Dejong) and Tyler (Ed Oxenbould) are getting ready for a one-week go to to their grandparents, John (Peter McRobbie) and Doris (Deanna Dunagan), whereas their mom, Paula (Kathryn Hahn), go right into a cruise along with her new boyfriend. The two youngsters, who haven’t recognized till now grandparents, plans to movie a documentary about their go to. Paula has not seen nor her mother and father 15 years after it was coupled with the highschool instructor, Robert, and he left her within the meantime.

She didn’t say an excessive amount of concerning the quarrel he had with Rebecca’s mother and father and suggests to ask them for extra particulars. John and Doris welcomes grandchildren station. Once settling in grandparents, Rebecca and Tyler are warned to not method any type of basement as a result of there are some issues poisonous. That evening, John and Rebecca tells Tyler that since he and Doris are previous, bedtime is 21:30.

An hour after bedtime, Rebecca out of her room to get one thing to eat and finds Doris vomiting. Later, she tells John about this incident which denies true. Also, John tells two grandchildren that aren’t allowed to depart the bed room after 21:30. Over the following few days, Rebecca and Tyler notes that their grandparents behave in more and more unusual. When Rebecca asks what occurred on the day when Paula left house, she begins to tremble and scream till a peaceful face.

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