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The Void

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The diabolical James runs out of a farm and gets into the woods. A screaming woman tries to follow him but is shot and burned by Vincent and his son, Simon. Sheriff Daniel Carter finds James crawling down the road and takes him quickly to the local hospital where his wife Alison works. At the hospital, however, things take on an extremely Dibizar turn. noneel fails because of a crisis and experiences a very strange vision. While everyone is struggling to understand what happened to a woman named Beverly, Mitchell goes to the hospital to pick up James and find a terrifying scene on the farm.
Daniel goes to his car to announce Beverly’s death, but he is attacked by a cultist who hurts him. He manages to return to the hospital, but more culturists surround the building. Daniel and Mitchell go to James’s salon and find him screaming desperately. Beverly’s body turned into a creature with tentacles, and Daniel and Mitchell rescued James and locked Beverly in the drawing room.
In the hallway, Vincent and Simon step in and threaten the whole group with the gun, asking to be able to take over James. The latter took Maggie as a hostage to protect himself and stabbed Powell, who collapses to the floor. The creature comes out of James’s salon and devours Mitchell. Vincent and Simon kill the creature and take refuge with the others in the lobby. Vincent and Simon accompany Daniel to take a gun from the police car, while Alison goes to the basement to take some medication and supplies.

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