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The Wall

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US Army Sergeant Shane Matthews, an elite sniper, is sent to investigate a site where a new drilling station is being built in the Iraqi desert. He is accompanied by a comrade named Allen Isaac, Sergeant in turn. The two wait patiently for 22 hours at a point of surveillance, and then conclude that the place is free, without any potential dangers. Matthews goes to take the radio stations from the deceased security guards but is shot by Juba, an Iraqi sniper.
Isaac is trying to help the dying Matthews, but he’s also shot in the foot, and the radio station is bullet-damaged, just like his water bottle. Alone, Isaac tries to shelter behind an unstable wall to care for his wound. Prior to this incident, Juba took a radio station from one of his previous victims and now uses it to communicate with Isaac, pretending to be a high-ranking ally soldier in another location.
Isaac tries to call at the headquarters to ask for help, but the signal from his damaged radio station is very weak and he can not communicate with the people in the base. He tries to fix his station antenna from another station and learns that in the meantime Juba used the information earlier to ask for help, being in fact a trap to attract more people to the area to kill them.

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