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Two Lovers and a Bear

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The film follows the lives of Roman and Lucy, two people who lead a difficult life in a small, cold town called Apex, Nunavut, Canada. They are in love with each other, but Lucy tells Roman that she has to leave because she is pursued by an individual she pursues with insistence. Roman also tells him that he can not follow it because of a dark past that he has and can not escape in his turn.
He’s trying to make her go without him, and he’s even pushed to the point of committing suicide. Finally, Roman realizes that letting her leave alone is not really a worthwhile option, and she will eventually have to go along with her. Roman also has a hidden talent that no one knows: he can communicate with the bears and, apparently, only he is able to hear them answer.
As a result, a polar bear appears several times in his life and discusses Roman with life problems. On the snowmobile on their way south, they are warned of an imminent blizzard to deviate from the area they are traveling on, but they continue their journey and reside in a former military base that is currently abandoned, refusing to turn from their way. Lucy gets to believe that the person who pursues her has found her again and panic.

Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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