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USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

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In 1945, gunship USS Indianapolis, commanded by Captain Charles McVay (Nicolas Cage), delivering components of the atomic bomb later used for Japanese bombing of Hiroshima on the finish of the Second World War. While patrolling within the Philippine Sea, on July 30, 1945, the ship is below surveillance of enemy forces pointing towards her torpedoes and sinks. Japanese submarine torpedoes take the ship to the underside Philippine Sea, taking after her roughly 300 individuals who had been a part of the crew.

Some of them, nevertheless, managed to flee from the ship earlier than the dive and remained remoted within the huge sea whereas 5 days with out meals or water and needed to face assaults incessantly from sharks which can be round. Not to have any hope of survival in these 5 days, most of those that survived the sinking have been devoured by sharks have died from consuming salt water.

Others have began hallucinating and seeing nonexistent islands, separated themselves from the group and going to them might, finally, finish. In the fifth day of the ordeal, the crew is unintentionally seen a fighter pilot and asks for assist to come back and take over from there. Only 317 individuals managed to outlive this catastrophe. Needing a scapegoat for their very own negligence, Navy officers ship him court docket-martialed Captain McVay and dangerous condemns actions regardless of overwhelming proof that assist the McVay.



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