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Valérian and the City of a Thousand Planets

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In the 28th century, the former Space Station became “Alpha,” a city that can travel through space, and millions of creatures from a variety of planets live in peace and exchange knowledge and cultures. People form a special police division to preserve peace in the universe, including Major Valerian and his partner, Sergeant Laureline. On your way to a mission, Valerian dreams of a planet where a race of poorly-developed humanoids lives in peace.
Residues begin to fall out of the sky, and as the humanoids go to investigate, a huge commuter collapses on the planet, triggering an apocalypse. A humanoid woman, the princess of her people, separated from her group after the space ship door that she used to shelter, manages to send a telepathic signal shortly before the explosion consumes her and the entire surface of her planet. Disturbed by this dream, Valerian wakes up frightened.
He finds that his mission is to recover the “Mul Converter”, so named because it is capable of replicating any consumption, including currencies. This is the last of the whole universe, and he currently belongs to a smuggler named Igon Siruss. Arriving in a virtual market called “Great Market”, Valerian interrupts a meeting between Igon and two masked individuals who are looking for that converter – “the converter” being one of the animals he saw in his dream. He and Laureline recover the converter and return to Alpha where Commander Filitt gives them terrible news.

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