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Victoria is a woman from Spain who moved in three months in the past in Berlin and works in a restaurant on a modest wage. She doesn’t converse German and didn’t know anybody on this city once more. Starting from a membership one morning after an evening of ingesting and dancing, she meets with 4 guys who’re prohibited from coming into the membership. They are recognized by pseudonyms Sone, Boxer, Blinker and Fuss. The 4 calls on a stroll by the city and he or she accepts.

After stealing some alcohol from a non-cease, they go on the roof of a constructing the place all drink and smoke marijuana, whereas Boxer confesses he did one thing jail for assault. When Victoria tells them he needed to go as a result of I need to open quickly on the cafe the place she works, Sonne, who flirted along with her all evening, he suggests they accompany her, which she gladly accepts.

When Sonne associate with it, he’s knowledgeable by Boxer to return repde. It appears that the 4 males had one thing crucial to do this evening. Before lengthy the arrival occasions and Boxer goes over her, asking her to go Sonne’s offended with him instantly. In entrance of the cafĂ©, 4 steals a automotive and begin whirlwind, only some minutes since returning Fuss could be very drunk and handed out. Desperate, Boxer asks Sonne might persuade Victoria to hitch him to exchange Fuss in illegality on that comply with a commit.

Source: imdb.com (plot and image)

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