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Voice from the Stone

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A woman lost in her own thoughts walks through the forest without knowing what she is waiting for because she does not know the surroundings. On one side of the road there is a wonderful view with an impressive statue of a deity. The woman is Verena (Emilia Clarke), who takes care of the troubled children. Verena emanates a confidence too much, given the rather disturbing nature of her most recent patient. This is a nine-year-old boy named Jakob (Edward Dring), a non-speaking youngster who has a mistrust and hatred of those around him. Jakob has not made a word since his mother, Malvin (Caterina Murino), a talented pianist, died of mysterious fever seven months and 16 days ago. Shortly before she died, Malvina tells her son that another woman will come and take her place. However, Jakob is very reluctant to Varena and prefers to stay as far as he can by choosing to walk in the woods while an old servant carries out his duties nearby. Considering that all that Verena seems to be is to pray for the boy to talk when or if he finds it, everyone seems to be getting enough of that. Meanwhile, she gets to understand what happens to Jakob, who thinks his mother can talk to him through the walls of the villa.


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