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Based on the novel with the same title of author and illustrator Brian Selznick, the film tells the story of two children fleeing to New York seeking answers and a sense of peace, but all this happens 50 years apart from each other. Both are lonely and isolated, but they are very courageous despite the fact that they come from difficult environments. They also have one thing in common; none of them has the sense of hearing.However, they manage to find allies and make it so that they can survive despite all the difficulties they face. Ben (Oakes Fegley) is not deaf at the beginning of the movie. Living with his relatives in a rural area in Minnesota in 1977, Ben is dreaming of his mother (Michelle Williams) who recently died in a car accident but also of his father whose identity he never knew .While looking for things to find some clues, he finds a book about curiosity cabinets in a New York store. Inside is a note written with a sentimental message from someone to his mother. But when he gathers things and prepares to climb a bus to try to find this stranger, a terrible lightning strikes him and he has the ability to hear, but even so he can still speak . The film alternates between Ben’s story and that of a little girl named Rose who lives in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1927.


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